MYTH meeting notes 1/23/19

MYTH Meeting Notes 1-23-2019

Present: All teams were represented.

Roll Call: Karen, Eric, and Doug were present.

Team Reps present:

Squirt: Victoria Gillum, Danielle Redmon

Mites: Tim Boyle, Amber Ray

PW Red: Ron Javate, Keith Joy

PW White: George Kruse

Bantam: Michelle Badger

16: Jason Thurber, Keri Wessel

18: Karen Nicholson, Jayne Appleyard

Approve Minutes

Treasurers Report: Cash collections are the best we have ever had. We only have 1700$

outstanding and 800$ of that is in question. We will have carry over money for the new board.

Executive Officers Report

Committee Report: The rebranding committee is still working on the new logo. They have

exceeded the budget and are looking for a new company that specializes in logos. This may

delay getting new jerseys until 2020.

Robyn States spoke about the yearbook. Last year we raised 1500$ from the banquet and

yearbook. She is working on both programs again and will be at the rink Mondays, Wednesdays

and Thursday with a table set up. The banquet will be held in mid April and will have a game

first, and skills competition. They are looking for more pages of each team with at least 5 pages

of pictures. Each team should have a couple of representatives send in photos. She is also

selling Gulf Coast Flames license plate frames for 15$.

New Business: The MYTH elections will be held Feb 12 at 6:30. The following candidates are


President: Eric Wessel

Vice President: Keith Joy

Treasurer: Mike Gillum

Secretary: Shawn Damon

Any other interested candidates can send their nomination to Karen Nicholson at


MYTH meeting 1/23 & 2/12 @ 6:30pm

Our next 2 MYTH meetings will take place on Wednesday Jan 23 and Tuesday Feb 12 at 6:30.
We will hold a regular meeting 1/23, and we ask all interested candidates to attend and speak at this meeting.
Elections will be held on 2/12.
Please email Karen  Nicholson at if you are planning to run for the board or if you have any questions.
We have all positions open: President, Vice President, Secretary  and Treasurer.  

Sled hockey at Ellenton 10/27/18

Join the Florida Sea Dawgs at Ellenton Ice on Saturday October 27, 2018 at 1pm for an open practice and player meet and greet with an exhibition game at 6pm.  See flyer for more details.