MYTH Meeting Notes (August 2017)

Present: All teams were represented.

Roll Call: All board members were present

Quorum: A quorum was determined.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from February were approved by Casey Rodgers and Kim Walters.

Treasurers Report: Thanks to Kim Walters for her help during tryouts, we were able to get 125 players committed and 47 paid in full. 55 players still need to be set up on FreshBooks.

17 players have made no payments thus far. Please contact Casey to make arrangements to pay fees.

There is $177,000 in our bank account. We will be paying SAHOF 37,000 and need to pay ice and coaches. We are in good financial shape. We have a $40,000 surplus from last year but we will eat into this as we have one less team this year.

Presidents Report: Congratulations to Coach Tyler Watkins, he has been appointed to the SAHOF Board.

There are 2 rule changes for this season.

1. 14U teams with 12U players are ineligible for district and national tournaments.

2. There is no longer icing on penalty kills for 14U and down age group. New Business: Pictures will be taken the week of Sept 18, we are using the same company as last year.

We will continue with goalie training program with George. He will be at 1 team practice per week. Monday-SQ, U18

Monday-SQ, U18
Tuesday- 16A and PWA
Wednesday- Bantam A Larry and Bantam AA
Thursday-Mite and Bantam A Chase.

Practice times and off ice are:
Mite: Mon 5:45-6:45 ice
Thurs 5:45-6:45 ice and 7-7:45 Off ice on roller rink
Squirt: Mon 6-7 ice, 7:15-8 strength and conditioning
Thurs 5:45-6:45 ice and 7-7:45 off ice on roller rink.
PWA: Tues 7-8 ice and 7:15-8 strength and conditioning
Thurs 6:45-7:45 ice, and 5:45-6:30 off ice on roller rink
Bantam A Larry: Wed 6-7 ice and 7:15-8 strength and conditioning
Thurs 6:45-7:45 ice and 5:45-6:30 off ice on roller rink
Bantam A Chase: Tues 6:45-7:45 ice and 8-8:45 strength and conditioning.
Thurs 7-8 ice and 6-6:45 off ice on roller rink.
Bantam AA: Mon 7-8 ice and 6-6:45 off ice on roller rink
Wed 7-8 ice and 6-6:45 strength and conditioning
16: Tues 8-9 ice and 6:45-7:30 off ice roller rink
Thurs 7-8 ice and 8:15-9 strength and conditioning
18: Mon 8:15-9:15 ice and 7-7:50 strength and conditioning
Thurs 8-9 ice and 6:45-7:35 strength and conditioning

The second off ice this season will be held on the roller rink and will be an extra charge of 264$ per child for the entire season and this will go through MYTH. They will work on passing, stickhandling etc.. wearing shoes on the roller rink. There is a tournament discount through My Hockey Tournament. If we send 2 teams we get 20% discount, 3 teams 40% and the 4 th team 60%. The 16’s are registered for Columbus day in Coral Springs FL already.

The Board for MYTH is appointed and voted in by the members. Each team also has 2 team representatives and they are appointed by their team. This group is responsible to vote on Myth matters.

The reps are:
Squirt- Andy Fisher and Keith Joy
PW- Mike Moschella and Rod Javate
BNA Chase- Keri Wessel and Michelle Badger
U16-Vance Grover and Paul Morin
U18-Cheryl Richards and Jeff Garr
We need the team mangers for the other 2 teams so please give us their 2 reps ASAP.

Labor Day Tournament will cost 1495$ for Bantam and Midget. 1395$ for Squirt and PW. We will pay in full and decide later about rebates and volunteer responsibilities.

The Silver Stick Nation Annual Meeting will be held here in June 2018. Casey has been working on securing and organizing this event. He arranged many details such as transportation, hotels etc.. He got Manatee County Convention and Visitor Bureau to give $5000. Silver Stick will pay 10,000 and we’ll pay 5,000.

MYTH meetings will be held the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 Dates scheduled are Sept 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7 and the annual meeting and election will be held on Feb 1.

Motion to Adjourn: Keri Wessel and Daniel McCarthy

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