MYTH meeting notes 1/23/19

MYTH Meeting Notes 1-23-2019

Present: All teams were represented.

Roll Call: Karen, Eric, and Doug were present.

Team Reps present:

Squirt: Victoria Gillum, Danielle Redmon

Mites: Tim Boyle, Amber Ray

PW Red: Ron Javate, Keith Joy

PW White: George Kruse

Bantam: Michelle Badger

16: Jason Thurber, Keri Wessel

18: Karen Nicholson, Jayne Appleyard

Approve Minutes

Treasurers Report: Cash collections are the best we have ever had. We only have 1700$

outstanding and 800$ of that is in question. We will have carry over money for the new board.

Executive Officers Report

Committee Report: The rebranding committee is still working on the new logo. They have

exceeded the budget and are looking for a new company that specializes in logos. This may

delay getting new jerseys until 2020.

Robyn States spoke about the yearbook. Last year we raised 1500$ from the banquet and

yearbook. She is working on both programs again and will be at the rink Mondays, Wednesdays

and Thursday with a table set up. The banquet will be held in mid April and will have a game

first, and skills competition. They are looking for more pages of each team with at least 5 pages

of pictures. Each team should have a couple of representatives send in photos. She is also

selling Gulf Coast Flames license plate frames for 15$.

New Business: The MYTH elections will be held Feb 12 at 6:30. The following candidates are


President: Eric Wessel

Vice President: Keith Joy

Treasurer: Mike Gillum

Secretary: Shawn Damon

Any other interested candidates can send their nomination to Karen Nicholson at


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