MYTH Meeting Minutes October 2015

Date: October 13, 2015

Present: All teams were represented with over 28 attendees. See attached sign in sheet for attendance.

Roll Call: All members of the board were present.

Quorum: A quorum was determined.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes from February were approved by Trish Knight and Kerry Wessel.

Treasurers Report: We have collected 122,000 of 170,000 due. Schedule is to have all paid by early December. Fees are $2200 for A players, $2600 for AA and 3,000 for U 18. Goalies pay half.
The new system for fresh books is almost set up. You will be able to pay online. Payments can be made to Casey on Tues and Thursdays. There is a box behind the front desk or a team manager can take credit card payments in the pro shop.
We have a balance of 90,000 in account, we will pay for ice and this includes the silver stick deposits.
Our year end is June 30 and taxes will be filed on time Nov 15.

New Business: Annual meeting will be held in February and board elections will take place.

Fundraising: Linda Walsh is our registrar and in charge of tournaments. We would like to have more volunteers and committees to help with silver sticks. We are trying to change it to a different weekend in the future for better attendance.

The membership needs to take a vote on change in fundraising rules. Presently we are supposed to give 10% to MYTH of any money raised by a team. We are proposing to have each team keep all of their fundraising funds. There was a motion made to take a vote on this by Colleeen Kenefick and all approved.

Special Presentation on Concussion Testing: Dr. Abrams is a father of a peewee player. He is a neuro-opthamologist and has been doing concussion baseline testing. It is important to get this baseline testing done before injury. The clinical assessment is and in-depth 20 minute test that is done on a laptop. You establish a normal base level in case of injury to help measure concussion recovery. The ImPact program is recommended for age 10+ but can be done younger if the child is capable.
The cost is $40 per child and it includes a retest if needed 24-36 hours after injury. They can do 6-8 kids at a time before practice. Call 941-807-3490 to schedule. The board will be looking to include this in our program next year.

Old Business: Several managers expressed concern about the quality of our jerseys and the service received. The board will look into this.

Motion to adjourn by Corrine Deckard and Kim Walters.

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